About The Podcast

One Thing Real Quick is a podcast that explores ideas about design and creativity through short conversations with creative leaders. Guests include designers, filmmakers, writers, musicians, photographers, and others who use creativity daily in their work. Each episode is built around a single question, tailored to each guest’s experience and insight. Episodes are 15-30 minutes in length.

Not just another interview show

While each episode does feature an interview, this is not a simple “recorded phone call” podcast. Each episode tells a story about the guest along with relevant experiences they’ve had while creating. Episodes are edited in a way that focusses the listener on the single idea behind each episode. Attention is given to narrative and pacing. Audio quality is important to this show. Episodes are created using quality recording equipment and industry-standard production methods.

Beyond keynote speakers

Many design conferences and podcasts pull from the same pool of keynote speakers. We at OTRQ love keynote speakers, but we believe that every designer, writer, filmmaker, musician, etc., has valuable stories and insights about their work and process. We are always on the lookout for new voices, ideas, and stories, relevant to makers and creators across disciplines and at every stage of their creative development.

The Host

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One Thing Real Quick is created by Evan MacDonald, a designer and art director from Seattle. Evan brings his own professional design experience to each episode. Evan has worked with brands large and small, including Zappos, Discover, Nike, Walmart, Gatorade, Starbucks, NBC Universal Studios, and others. Some of his work can be seen here. He currently lives and works in Argentina.


Here are some numbers after just eight weeks of episodes (April 2019):

  • Over 5,000 unique downloads

  • Week over week listener growth: 10-25% (peak weekly growth: 93%)

  • Highest ranking in Apple Podcasts’ design category: #5

  • Apple Podcasts rating: 5 Stars (55 ratings)

  • Featured as New & Noteworthy on Apple Podcasts’ Arts, Design, and Visual Art categories

Since launching the podcast, we have seen steady growth. Whether we have 100 or 10,000 listeners, our commitment is to creating quality content that adds value for who ever is listening.

What people are saying

Production Schedule and Distribution

The podcast began as a weekly show. Currently, new episodes are released every other Friday morning.

The show can be subscribed and listened to on all major podcast outlets, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Radio Public, Google Podcasts, Himalaya, and TuneIn.

The Music

All the music for OTRQ is made by the host and producer of the show, Evan MacDonald. Music is made from samples and synthesizers. In some cases, a guests will have music that is used in an episode (episode 010 and 011).


When this project started, the interviews were more linear in nature. Episodes 001-007 are mostly based on a focused interview format with an introduction and conclusion by the host. As the show has progressed, it has evolved into more of a narrative driven format, with the story built around an interview, woven together with commentary by the host. While narrative and storytelling have always been a priority of the podcast, episodes 008 and onward represent a more story-driven approach.

The Team

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Evan MacDonald

Host, producer, creator

John M Craig

Associate Producer


Independent Media

One Thing Real Quick is an independent podcast. Some support comes from sponsors. Brands interested in advertising on OTRQ can send inquiries to podcast (at) onethingrealquick (dot) com.


One Thing Real Quick is in the process of transcribing all episodes.

Audio Samples

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Video Content

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