After We Tape

What I’ll be doing

I’ll be editing the episode together. I’ll send you a draft and prep to publish. I’ll pull out some snippets including some images from the video, etc and get some social posts queued up to promote the episode.

I’ll also be putting together a little “bloggish” type post to go up on that will accompany the episode.

What I’ll ask you to do

Just a coupla’ things:

  1. Send me some images that can go along with the “bloggish” post I just mentioned. This can be your work, a photo of you, ideally this will be related to what we talked about. (Could be audio, video, links, etc).

  2. Get ready to promote the episode. I’ll send you some promotional content (images, video clips, etc.) and ask that you share these on your Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, staple to your local telephone pole, etc.

  3. Suggest a guest. Referrals for who else you think I should interview would be super great.
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