Before We Tape

As host, my job is to make this as easy for you as possible. Here is what to expect.

Production one-sheet

A few days to a week before we hold the interview, you’ll be sent a Google Doc. This is a production one-sheet. This contains some basic info, a draft of bio, a place for you to list things you want to promote, etc.. We will work together to get everything on this document accurate so the interview can go as smoothly as possible. I may refer to this while we record the episode.


This is where we get to chat briefly before the episode. In some cases, it’s good to do this a day or two before. In other cases, it works to just lump this in with the interview itself and do it a bit before we roll tape.

The point of this pre-interview is to get familiar with each other and get into a bit of a rhythm. Basically, this just means that we’ll chat for a bit. No big deal, but it makes a big difference come interview time.


We’ll arrange a 30 minute time slot to record the interview. Click this for easy scheduling. If you want a time that isn’t listed, send me an email and we can arrange it.
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