Episodes 017 and 018


Lex Noteboom of The Deca Tapes (Parts 1 and 2)

How do you build an audience for a creative work?

Lex Noteboom is an independent podcast creator from Amsterdam. He’s the creator of an audio drama called The Deca Tapes. It’s a sci-fi-ish dystopian-future mystery show. In March of 2018, Lex quit his job in advertising and spent a year writing, directing and producing the podcast. And then leading up to its March 2019 release, Lex started to promote the show.

Host Evan MacDonald interviewed Lex before, during and after the release of all eight episodes, following his process for about 10 weeks. Part one of this story covers a conversation from before the release of the podcast. In the second part, we follow Lex’s process week by week, as he works to build an audience for The Deca Tapes. Listen to hear a break down of six things that Lex did to promote the show and hear the result of his efforts.

We talked with some other podcasters to tell this story. Indie podcast supporter, Zach Auld of a show called Podcast Junkie and podcasting veteran, Evo Terra.

While we’re talking with a lot of podcasters, these principles can be applied to just about any other kind of creative endeavor.

This episode was created and produced by Evan MacDonald. Edited by Evan with some help from John M. Craig, our associate producer. Sound design, music, and scoring by Evan MacDonald.

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