Episode Format

Here is the basic structure of each episode:

Introduction (5-15 seconds)

Evan comes on the mic/screen, introduces the show, welcomes the listeners / viewers.

Welcome the guest (20-60 seconds)

Evan introduces the guest by sharing a brief bio, followed by a “welcome to the show” and we’re off. We’ll start the conversation with a bit of small talk.

The question & answer (3-9 minutes)

“Alright, here is my question..” Evan poses the question, the guest answers, a brief discussion follows for a few quick minutes. It’s okay if the conversation leads to a follow-up question or two. Banter, gab, yada yada.

Wrap up (30-90 seconds)

“Thank you for taking the time to chat!” The host will ask how people can find you online, etc. You’ll be given time to plug your site, social profile, your work, a recent project, etc.

End credits and exit music.

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+1 (206) 785-9265