Win $75 in Brave the Woods Gear

Winner announced!

Congrats to Brian Yohn for winning this giveaway! Based on this photo from his Instagram, it’s clear that he is a born winner.

Follow Brian on Twitter and Instagram. Cool? Cool!


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Enter to win a pile of swag from Brave the Woods and a signed cassette of this episode of One Thing Real Quick! There are four ways to enter and you can do all four to better your chances of winning!

Just look at those prizes!

  • Screen printed t-shirt (super soft, Next-Level tri-blend tee)

  • Brave Trucker Hat, navy with red/teal patch

  • Hello Spaceman vinyl sticker

  • Brave the Woods transfer sticker

  • Super limited edition hipster friendly cassette tape of episode 007, signed and doodled on by Brad himself

  • Pin-backed buttons (perfect for your pencil pouch!)

  • Your choice of one of three alphabet posters, designed and illustrated by Brad Woodard

Seriously. How could you ever go on without all this stuff?!

Five ways to enter, so enter five times!

Do one or do all five. The more things you do, the more entries and the better your chances of winning.

1) Subscribe to the One Thing Real Quick

Take a screenshot of your podcast app with the show subscribed and email it to By emailing, you agree to receive very rare email newsletters.

2) Tweet about the episode

Share a tweet that includes the following:

  • “I just entered to win $75 worth of stuff from @OTRQpodcast and @brave_the_woods”

  • Make sure you’re following @OTRQpodcast and @brave_the_woods

Here are some videos and images if you want to add some media to your tweet!

3) Post on Instagram about the episode

Grab one of these assets and share it on your instagram feed with the following included in the caption:

  • “I just entered to win $75 worth of stuff from @OTRQpodcast and @brave_the_woods”

  • Make sure you’re following @OTRQpodcast and @brave_the_woods

4) Share the episode on your Instagram story

Include the following in your story:

  • Tell your followers that you listened to this episode of “the podcast One Thing Real Quick” (include the mention @OTRQpodcast and the hashtag #podcast)

  • Mention the guest, Brad Woodard (include the mention @brave_the_woods on your story)

  • Talk about something you liked and/or learned from the episode.

  • Include a screenshot of the episode playing on your phone (for all to see!)

  • “Check out the podcast and the giveaway at”

  • Make sure you’re following @OTRQpodcast and @brave_the_woods

5) Subscribe to our newsletter

Scroll to the bottom and enter the mailing list.

Bonus Entry: Retweet

Retweet this tweet and you’re in the running. Follow @otrqpodcast and @brave_the_woods while you’re at it.

Please note that private Twitter accounts are impossible for us to see and therefore, ineligible. Sorry about that.

Deadlines and Rules

Entries will be accepted until midnight EST on Saturday, February 23rd.

The winner will be announced on Friday, March 1st, on Episode 010 of the podcast.

Prize must be accepted by midnight EST on Friday, March 8th or it will be forfeited to the runner-up (Yes! There is a chance you could be the runner up! Although the only prize is bragging rights).

Prizes will only be shipped within the USA and Canada.

Entries must be real people. No robots (sorry robots, maybe next time). If we suspect that an entry comes from a spam/fake account, we reserve the right to kick that entry out.

Email your questions to: (we’re not sure how quick the reply will come, but we will try to prompt!)

Oh yeah, the most important rule: HAVE FUN! (sorry, couldn’t resist)

Evan MacDonald