Episode 006


James Best – Comedy Writer

How does failure fit into your creative process?

James Best is an Emmy nominated television writer living in New York City. His first tv gig was writing twitter and webseries for 30 Rock. From there he wrote for VH1, Billy on the Street, and Nickelodeon's comedy/mystery show Welcome to the Wayne. Currently, he's developing comedy and animation pilots for studios in LA and writing sketches for the reboot of Studio C. But that's just what everyone does with a Master's in Poetry from NYU.

In our interview, James tell two stories of incredible luck. One which started his TV writing career was birthed into existence, and another where he completely miffed it. We also talk about the role of failure in the creative process. He shares some sage wisdom about destruction, why creating “the worst piece of crap in the world” can be a step to success, and how solving for not X is a great way to find a creative spark.

Notes and Links

Find more about James Best on Twitter and Instagram, he is @jamesbestiv on both. See more of his work at www.freejamesbest.com.

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