Episode 007


Illustrator Brad Woodard of Brave the Woods

What has been the most effective way you’ve found to promote your illustration business?

Brad Woodard is an Illustrator and designer who, along with his wife, Krystal, operates the studio Brave the Woods. Brad has worked with Target, Baskin Robbins, Simon and Schuster, Intel, Harley Davidson, Honda and loads of others. He teaches workshops in person and online. His classes on the Skillshare platform have been taken by over 50,000 people. His work has been featured in HOW, Communication Arts, Grain Edit and more.

In our interview, Brad shares insights about self promotion. We discuss his work with Skillshare, the assets and creative resources he’s created for RetroSupply, and how interacting with others in the creative community all play a role in the promotion of his studio. As you listen, you’ll hear us dig deeper into the topic to find the heart of the issue, his true secret to success.

Brad’s work can be seen at www.bravethewoods.com. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter at @brave_the_woods.

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More Links

Be sure to check out Skillshare.com. It’s an online learning platform with courses on everything from illustration (like the courses taught by Brad) to cooking, technology to business. While we speak warmly about Skillshare in this episode, we did not receive any compensation and this episode is no way intended to be an advertisement for their services. We just genuinely like them.

In the end roll, we mention Creative Mornings. It’s a free breakfast lecture series with events in many cities each month. Check them out. You’ll be glad you did. creativemornings.com.

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