Episode 009


Graphic Designer Seth Lucas

What do you do about unfinished projects?

Seth Lucas is an illustrator and designer with a BFA in graphic design. He is the co-creator of Ello There Outdoors, selling prints and accessories supporting the National Parks and outdoors. He lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, with his wife and daughter.

Seth was the first interview I did for this podcast. Not this episode, but another attempt at an interview, was created a year ago. After this first draft, of sorts, was created, I sat on the project for almost a full year. And so, I’ve called Seth back to ask about his experience with projects that get stuck in limbo. Together we discuss some projects that Seth let sit unattended for a little too long, and a bit about how he got them back on track.

Links and Notes

If you have a project sitting in limbo, we want to hear about it. Call 405 373 OTRQ (405 373 6877) and tell us about a project that you know you should finish. Or share a project that you finally finished! We’ll put your messages on a future episode.

You can see Seth’s work at www.ellothere.com and you can follow along on Instagram at @ellothereoutdoors.

Here is a link to the National Park poster: https://ellothere.com/collections/national-park/products/national-park-checklist-map-1

Here is a peep at the Baseball Stadium map: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bg7I3NlHlLa/

Here is a link to a YouTube video of our first interview (you really don’t need to watch this) https://youtu.be/qEISH4CBXY8

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