Episode 010


Niles Grey – Film Composer & Producer

What attracts you to these little cameras?

Niles Grey is a filmmaker and director with experience working independently and on the content teams at both GoPro and Moment. His work at GoPro and Moment has given him a unique experience leveraging the every-improving technology found in small cameras, most recently, mobile phones.

This week we discuss the benefits of shooting films with a “small footprint,” as Niles puts it. While mobile phone photography and cinematography are paces behind what industry professionals use for major productions, the technology is advancing and shrinking at an incredible rate. 

With a little help from small hardware add-ons and apps that give users access to manual controls, people like Niles (and really, all of us) can create content that defies the expectation of such a ubiquitous piece of technology.

In this episode, we also hear a little bit from Able Parris (AKA: Kamuter). Able makes music entirely on his iPhone, furthering the idea that mobile phones can be used for so much more than watching movies or playing games.

Links and Notes

The Moment App

This one works with iPhone and Android. Access to log mode and raw photo mode. Great for still photography and video. Free with optional upgrade to “pro” via in-app purchase (for $4.99)


App for iOS. This is what Able Parris uses for his Kamuter project. Mobile music creation studio with tons of sounds and effects. Free with limited demo sounds. Free trial with everything unlocked and a monthly subscription to use all the sounds. This one is addicting, even in “Demo mode.”


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This week we are giving away a Moment Anamorphic lens, worth about $150! At the end of this episode, we’ll announce the winner of the giveaway from episode 007.

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Able Parris and Kamuter:

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